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we are

We don’t see users.

we see people.

We believe in movement as a way to understand our time and develop innovation
We believe that it’s not possible to separate people and new technologies.
Because our role is analyse, plan and solve communication and digital culture issues. 

how we can help you

Since 2004 we dedicate to innovation through planning, designing and delivering.


Strategic Planning

We get a complete diagnosis of your digital presence through surveys and analysis of your brand scenario. We gather the data, outline the objectives and define why, what, when and how we will act.


We use several methodologies and development frameworks to structure products that are more relevant and innovative for the market.


In all processes the user experience (UX) is the element that guides all the decisions and strategies of our work. The result is deliver the best product or service for your client.

innovation. digital culture. technology.

We have already conducted hundreds of interactive communication projects for clients in the institutional, real estate, media, retail, fashion and music markets.




Coffee cups


Here are some projects we delivered over the past few years.

we are Nomad. for real.

We hire talents around the world. They are multidisciplinary teams with members from all over the planet. We really have a remote control. 🙂


Here at Nomad we have the opportunity to work with clients of all sizes and dozens of segments. This diversity brings us, besides a lot of experience, many friends.

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